National Financial Offers FDIC Coverage
National Financial is launching a new program that enables retail broker-dealers to deposit cash from their customers' eligible brokerage accounts in as many as eight eligible banks to provide FDIC insurance coverage of $250,000 per bank and a total coverage of approximately $2 million.

"Given the volatility of the markets over the past year, investors have historically high levels of cash and may be looking to protect their principal as they evaluate long-term investment opportunities," says Bob Leonhardt, National Financial senior vice president.
The National Financial Bank Deposit Sweep Program complements a National Financial existing program that allows broker-dealers with affiliated banks to deposit their customers' brokerage cash into an FDIC-insured account in their own bank.

The new sweep program provides six different tiered interest rates based on the brokerage sweep account balance so investors can earn higher rates as balances grow. It also provides consolidated statements and tax reporting from all banks and easy access to the money in the sweep accounts.

Additional information is available at

Firm Handles Death Details, based in Glenville, Ill., provides a way for financial advisors to help clients keep track of wills, insurance policies, investments and other details that family members will need to know when a relative dies.

Founded by Joe Palmer, the company, for a one-time fee of $29.95, records the information, sends out reminders to update information and reaches out to the heirs when necessary. Additional information can be found at

CashEdge Inc. Enhances Data Program
CashEdge Inc., a company that provides account aggregation services, is launching an enhanced version of AllData Advisor, which allows financial advisors to have a complete view of client assets and liabilities so they can deliver more targeted and personalized financial guidance.

AllData Advisor aggregates bank, investment, retirement, insurance, credit card, mortgage and annuities data. It has an advisor dashboard feature with aggregation alerts and provides e-mail alerts informing advisors of issues that may affect aggregation of clients' accounts. Additional information can be found at and

DVD Explains Managed Futures
An educational DVD, Understanding Managed Futures, is being released by Bellwether Capital Management. The 50-minute program is written and presented by Aidan Doyle, a registered stockbroker and creator of television financial shows.

The DVD explains the use of managed futures as an alternative investment strategy for financial professionals and investors who want to diversify their portfolios. DVDs or additional information can be obtained by calling (212) 300-5293 or visiting

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