Fidelity Unveils Fully Bundled 401(k) Plan
Fidelity Investments, Boston, is offering a bundled 401(k) platform to registered investment advisors to help them take advantage of one of the fastest-growing channels in the intermediary market.

RIAs now manage $230 billion in 401(k) assets. The Fidelity Advisor platform bundles the components of a 401(k) program into one package. It includes a targeted employee education program, tools to help advisors measure and track how well their clients' 401(k)s are performing, recordkeeping, administration services and sales support.

In addition to extending the Fidelity Advisor 401(k) offering to RIAs, Fidelity offers four options that advisors can use for their clients' retirement savings plans. They are a third-party administrator referral network for RIAs that custody assets with Fidelity Institutional Wealth Services; a self-employed 401(k) for owner-only businesses; a SEP-IRA plan for individuals who have variable incomes and want to make flexible contributions; and a simple IRA for businesses with up to 100 employees. Fidelity offers a Plan Selector Tool that uses a series of questions to help advisors determine the plan that meets the clients' goals.

Fidelity Investments Institutional Services Company Inc. and Fidelity Institutional Wealth Services developed the program.

Pershing Offers Practice Health Checkup
Pershing Advisor Solutions LLC, a BNY Mellon company based in Jersey City, N.J., is offering Healthcheck, a practice management tool for independent RIAs.

Healthcheck is designed to provide RIAs with an objective assessment of the operating health of their business. It uses more than 100 questions to provide an evaluation of an advisory practice. Areas that are addressed include client experience; business planning and strategy; marketing, product and compliance management; human capital; and key performance indicators. A written analysis is produced, and a Pershing Advisor will go over the results with the RIA. Additional information is available at

Ave Maria Offers Equity Fund
Ave Maria Mutual Funds in Bloomfield Hills, Mich., is creating an Ave Maria World Equity Fund for long-term capital appreciation. The fund's goal is to select investments that do not violate the core values and teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.
In addition, Ave Maria Catholic Values Fund and Ave Maria Growth Fund will reduce management fees from 1% to 0.95%. Additional information is available at

Equinox Creates Actively Managed Fund
Equinox Fund Management LLC, based in Denver, has created a mutual fund that provides investors with exposure to an actively managed portfolio of multiple managed futures investments.

MutualHedge is designed to provide exposure to the trading results of actual commodity trading advisor programs within a mutual fund format and will be available through several brokers. The commodity trading advisor programs employ a range of trading strategies and time frames. Additional information is available at

Vanguard Offers Commission-Free Trades
Vanguard in Valley Forge, Pa., is reducing its cost of investing in exchange-traded funds and stocks.

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