The economy remains the top concern among affluent Americans, but less so than it was in the winter, according to a new survey.

The economy was cited as a concern by 46% of affluent respondents, followed by health care at 31% and unemployment and jobs at 28%, according to the online survey by Ipsos Mendelsohn.

Those were the same top concerns cited by the affluent in the firm's winter survey, but the number of people reporting these as concerns declined in the spring survey.

In the winter survey, 60% were concerned about the economy, 33% were concerned about health care and 32% were concerned about unemployment, according to Ipsos Mendelsohn.

Among the highest income group, households with incomes of $200,000 or more, the economy only ranked third among concerns, according to Ipsos Mendelsohn. Corrpution and scandals was the chief worry for people in this group, followed by "moral decline."

Three areas of concern rose in prominence from winter to spring, according to the firm. Moral decline was cited as a concern by 26% of respondents in spring, compared to 19% in winter. Corruption and financial or political scandals went from 16% to 25% and immigration from 8% to 14%.

The overwhelming majority of respondents said the recession was having some impact on their households. Sixty-one percent said they were "somewhat" impacted and 17% said they were impacted "a lot." Only 17% said they were not impacted at all.

In regards to the economy's future, 49% of respondents said they were "very or somewhat" optimistic, compared to 37% who said they were "somewhat or very pessimistic."

More than 1,000 people participated in the survey, according to Ipsos Mendelsohn.