Most investment advisors and money managers are finding out that generating market-beating returns for their clients is getting much more difficult. Why is that? After ten years of a bull market, it certainly should be no surprise that things may be changing.

What’s coming next? A bear market? A recession? A long protracted market decline? All are possible, but even the mere discussion of such possibilities is creating an environment where generating client returns is getting harder.

However, there is an answer to this dilemma. Advisors need to get out of their comfort zone and consider new alternatives and new asset sectors that have been outperforming everything else out there. So, which sectors? Namely, the cryptocurrency area. Or a better name might be digital assets.

Most advisors and money managers, including the “master” himself, Warren Buffet, either despise the crypto space or simply do not understand it. But, as mentioned, advisors need to get creative if they want to outperform market returns and retain clients. For the past several years, the cryptocurrency sector has massively outperformed all other sectors, even with its well-documented volatility.

For sure, jumping into the crypto space is risky, but that’s why the returns are so much better. Accordingly, advisors should educate themselves on digital assets and consider dipping their toes into the most liquid and well-known cryptos first, such as bitcoin, ethereum, bitcoin cash, etc. Managers stepping out (small steps first!) of their comfort zones may actually find that exploring digital assets could be the answer for the current market uncertainties, which they were largely unaffected by during the past 10 years of the bull market.

The spectacular returns in the crypto space have come in a relatively short time frame of three to five years. While crypto funds generally haven’t built a longer-term track record to assure that the outsized returns will continue, a limited exposure to this new digital asset sector should be strongly explored and considered.

Bill Taylor is managing director and chief investment officer of Entoro Wealth LLC.