Wade Financial Group thinks it has just the thing for those middle-of-the-road investors who are looking for a little more upside in their portfolios.

The Minneapolis-based wealth management firm announced that it launching a Total Return Account, which will use timing strategies to adjust equity and fixed- income positions.

It represents a departure from the standard buy-and-hold, 60-40 equity-fixed income mix that have usually been employed for the average client, says Jerry Wade, president of the firm.

"This is for your classic investor, kind of middle of the road, that keeps up with the changing economy," he says.

The firm had previously used a plus-or-minus 5% rule when it came to market timing, meaning equity positions would be adjusted by that amount when warranted by various indicators.

Clients, however, were asking for more flexibility, Wade says.

"What we learned during the three-year extended market is that taking clients from 60% to 55% equity really didn't help them," he says.

The Total Return Account is designed for clients who typically have positions of 40% to 60% in equity, he says. Those with lower or higher positions probably aren't suited for the account because "it will pull you to the middle," Wade says.

The economic modeling behind the Total Return Account has flexibility for equity positions ranging from 30% to 70%, he says. The modeling has called for a position of 70% throughout the year, he adds.