Financial Intermediary Web Site Launched

T. Rowe Price has launched a new, expanded Web site for financial intermediaries that provides streamlined access to institutional investment content and educational resources approved for client use.
The site,, is designed for financial advisors and other intermediaries such as broker-dealers, clearing firms, banks and defined-contribution record keepers.
Featured areas of the site include:
• Investment Products: performance data, portfolio holdings, attribution analysis, style analysis graphs, manager commentary, fund facts and other information.
• Advisor Resources: sales ideas and sales campaigns on topics such as understanding and advising today‚s preretirees, managing retirement income and behavioral finance, and investment perspective reports on various asset classes and topical investing themes.
• Literature and Forms: downloadable prospectuses and fund reports.
• Important Updates: featured content on timely matters such as fund updates, distributions and taxes and commentary on current issues affecting the markets.
"As our business with financial intermediaries continues to grow, enhancing our online offerings with proprietary investment analysis and easy access to portfolio data will enable us to better provide intermediaries with the information they need to manage and evaluate their investments," says Ken Rutherford, director of marketing, third-party distribution for T. Rowe Price.

Rydex Launches High-Yield Funds
Rydex Investments has introduced two funds designed to provide exposure to the high-yield bond market. Rydex High Yield Strategy Fund and Rydex Inverse High Yield Strategy Fund offer trading flexibility and the ability to take advantage of falling and rising credit default rates.
"Although the traditional high-yield fund arena is quite crowded, the availability of more liquid high-yield offerings is limited," says Kevin McGovern, mutual fund business manager at Rydex Investments.

Pershing Becomes Bonds Market Maker
Pershing LLC, a subsidiary of The Bank of New York Company Inc., is now a market maker on NYSE Bonds, the New York Stock Exchange‚s electronic corporate bond trading platform.
Pershing‚s fixed-income trading desk will be a liquidity provider and will have the ability to electronically enter orders to buy or sell bonds listed on the platform.
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Packaged Portable Alpha Strategy Launched
Victory Capital Management Inc., the asset management subsidiary of KeyCorp, has launched a packaged portable alpha strategy with its affiliate, Austin Capital Management Ltd., an investment advisor to a hedge fund-of-funds, based in Austin, Texas.
The firm also has launched a liability-driven investing strategy, which spans the LDI spectrum from Victory‚s traditional fixed-income expertise to the alternative strategies offered by Austin.

Schwab OneSource Adds Dunham Funds
Dunham & Associates Investment Counsel Inc. announced that its family of asset-class mutual funds with performance-based sub-advisor compensation has been added to the Schwab Mutual Fund OneSource service.
The Dunham Funds are now available to independent registered investment advisors and their clients at Charles Schwab & Co. Inc. The Schwab Mutual Fund OneSource service enables individuals to invest in no-load, no-transaction fee mutual funds.
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Morningstar Offering Data Via Wireless
Morningstar Inc. is partnering with Pyxis Mobile to deliver real-time Morningstar mutual fund and exchange-traded fund data to fund wholesalers through their mobile devices.
With Morningstar Mobile for Wholesalers, fund wholesalers who use mWholesaler, Pyxis Mobile‚s wireless software, can access Morningstar fund data directly from their Blackberry or Windows Mobile-powered devices.
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