About a third of working adults say they will delay their retirement plans-with many saying they need extra working years to save for retirement or retain health benefits.
   The survey by Fidelity Investments of workers 25 years of age and older also found that single men were those most likely to plan for a delayed retirement.
   As for their reasons for delaying retirement, 55% of workers say it's because they have not saved enough money, 35% say they started saving too late and 34% say they need to retain employee-sponsored health benefits.
   Younger workers, those between the ages of 25 and 40, were most likely to cite college costs as the reason for a later retirement, while those 55 and older were more likely to blame poor savings.
   "Our study findings reflect what we are seeing in our own client interactions every day: too many people are delaying their retirement dreams for lack of planning and adequate savings," says Jeffrey R. Carney, president of Fidelity Personal Investments.