Adhesion Technologies, a firm known primarily as a supplier of account aggregation technologies to larger financial institutions, recently announced the release of the WealthADV Platform version 2.0.
   "Our firm now has a product that is designed specially for the RIA marketplace," says Rich Conley, the company's senior vice president of sales. "The WealthADV Platform version 2.0 is a comprehensive, outsourced platform for RIA's covering the entire spectrum from the front to the back office."
   The WealthADV Platform offers three tiers of service. The first tier offers, in essence, an outsourced Web-based version of Schwab's PortfolioCenter that includes daily downloads and reconciliation. Adhesion offers a choice between PortfolioCenter Web portal or Adhesion's own enhanced proprietary portal for data access. The platform can also capture "held away" asset information in OFX format (the same format used by Money and Quicken) and incorporate this information into the platform's analysis and reporting capabilities. A portal providing portfolio access and report sharing to clients rounds out the package.
   The second tier of service includes an enhanced portfolio measurement engine capable of point-to-point reporting and attribution analysis.
   The third tier of service, to be offered in conjunction with Upstream Technologies, will offer additional services such as portfolio modeling, portfolio rebalancing, pre-trade compliance, tax loss harvesting and portfolio optimization. Full integration of the Upstream software into the WealthADV Platform is expected before the end of 2005. For further information, visit