CRM Software, the developers of Junxure-I, the comprehensive client relationship-management software system for financial service professionals, is planning to offer a Web-based version of the product before the end of 2006.
   Ken Golding, the lead software developer of Junxure-I, confirmed in a recent interview that plans to develop such a product were underway. "We plan to work closely with a reliable third-party hosting company to offer Junxure-I as an ASP (application service provider) solution. Many financial service firms prefer to outsource the task of maintaining their CRM software, and we would like to accommodate the needs of these firms," Golding said.
   According to Golding, the first step in the ASP development process will be to transition the trial version of Junxure-I from a software download to a hosted, Web-based trial. This will allow the developers and the application hosting firm to test the online version extensively before they release a production version of the Web-based product to the financial planning community. No official release date has been set for the ASP version yet. Those interested in receiving further information about the product as it becomes available can visit

-Joel Bruckenstein