Financial Profiles Inc. plans to begin offering two of their financial planning software packages-Profiles+ Forecaster and Profiles+ Professional-in an application service provider environment called Profiles on Demand by the end of January.
   Profiles+ Forecaster is designed for less complex planning needs. It produces quick, easy to understand actionable plans. Profiles+ Professional is a more comprehensive financial planning program designed primarily for use with higher-net-worth individuals.
   The Web-based Profiles on Demand will be accessible to licensed users from any location that has Internet access. The ASP will automatically back up all client data, relieving advisory firms of the task.
   According to David Oates, director of marketing at Financial Profiles, Profiles on Demand will feature secure data architecture, redundancy of data storage, redundancy of application access and scalability.
   "Profiles on Demand will feature automatic updates," he said. "Advisors will no longer be required to download program update, tax updates or statistical updates. The online version should eliminate lost CD and other installation issues."
   Financial Profiles, of Carlsbad, Calif., is a wholly owned subsidiary of Allmerica Financial.

-Joel Bruckenstein