As baby boomers start to enter retirement, financial advisors need to be aware that they don't all share the same profile, according to a recent study.
   The report by the Spectrem Group found that the trailing edge of the baby boom generation-the so-called 'Barely Boomers" between the ages of 40 and 45-have more sophisticated financial needs than their older counterparts.
   A higher percentage of affluent Barely Boomers, for example, hold hedge funds, private equity and future investments than other segments of the baby boom generation, according to the report.
   One third of Barely Boomers hold stock options and 30% hold restricted stock, and nearly a third of this segment's asset allocation is dedicated to real estate.
   Those are all higher percentages than those for other segments of the baby boom generation, according to the study.
   "Serving the Barely Boomer segment of the affluent market requires advisors who possess a particularly broad skill set," according to the study.
   That's one of the reasons only 24% of Barely Boomers use full-service brokers as their primary advisors, compared to 37% of boomers between the ages of 46 and 60, and 31% of those between 61 and 70.
   "The needs of Barely Boomers, unique among the baby boomer generation, present both a challenge and an opportunity for those who can meet these requirements," said Catherine S. McBreen, managing director of Spectrem Group.