Wilmington Trust has announced the launch of seven new mutual funds, including one that invests exclusively in ETFs.
   The new funds consists of the ETF fund, three domestic equity funds and three lifestyle funds of funds targeted to specific levels of risk, according to the company.
   The new lifestyle funds are the Conservative Asset Allocation Fund, the Moderate Asset Allocation Fund and the Aggressive Asset Allocation Fund. The funds combine Wilmington Trust's "strategic asset allocation models with tactical portfolio rebalancing that is based on a forward-looking view of the capital markets," according to the company.
   The Wilmington ETF Allocation Fund is a fund of ETFs that's patterned after a Wilmington Trust private offering. The domestic equity funds-the Mid-Cap Core Fund, Small-Cap Growth Fund and Small-Cap Value Fund-is managed by the company's equity management group.
   The funds will be available through defined contribution plans, mutual fund supermarkets, mutual fund wrap programs and through licensed representatives of Wilmington Brokers Services Company, the trust company's affiliate, according to Wilmington Trust.
   Wilmington Trust, founded in 1903, is the 15th largest personal trust provider in the nation and has assets under management of $38 billion.