Industry experts seem to agree that the demand for financial advice is running high, but people's willingness to follow the advice may be another matter.
   That was the message of a recent survey by ING in which a third of advisor respondents said that it's harder to give advice to clients today than it was five years ago.
   Most of the respondents in this group, 90%, say that getting clients to make decisions is the toughest part of giving advice.     Meanwhile, 85% also said the difficulty is in convincing prospective clients that they need professional financial advice.
   Overcoming people's lack of interest in financial planning and intimidation about financial planning were also cited as factors.
   One of the conclusions of the survey was that advisors and financial service companies need to make their solutions easier to understand.
   "People are still intimidated by managing their finances, or just aren't interested in taking action to ensure a secure financial future," says Toby Hoden, chief marketing officer for ING U.S. Financial Services. "If we can make financial services easier, perhaps more people would be more engaged in the process."