Advisors are paying more attention to their clients' property/casualty and liability insurance needs, according to a new survey.
   The survey of 102 advisors found that 57% evaluate their clients' asset protection through property/casualty insurance, according to the survey by Chubb Group of Insurance Companies.
   Seventy-two percent of the advisors say they get involved in helping their clients attain an appropriate level of liability insurance, the survey says.
   The last time the company polled advisors on the issue in 1998, 40% of advisors said they regularly evaluated their clients' property/casualty insurance.
   When asked about risk management, advisors ranked life insurance as the most critical planning area, followed closely by personal liability insurance, the survey says. Advisors considered property protection and personal/family security less critical.
   The survey found that about 34% of those surveyed hold a license to sell life insurance, and that property/casualty insurance and risk management provided advisors with an average of only 3% of their revenue.
   Forty-four percent say they have a referral relationship with an independent insurance agent, according to the survey.
   "This is great news for financial planning clients," says Eric Pruss, senior vice president of Chubb & Son and strategic marketing officer of Chubb Personal Insurance. "People, especially affluent individuals and families, are facing a larger variety of more acute risks today stemming from litigation, new technology, globalization and other societal changes."