Franklin Templeton Bank & Trust has extended the reach of its trust service offerings through a network of 2,200 service reps.
   The company announced that it trust services, called the Advisor Directed Trust, will be offered through the service network of the Estate Planning Team, a nationwide network of financial professionals that acts as a third-party provider of estate planning services.
   Advisor Directed Trust allows advisors to manage the investments of their clients' trust assets, with Franklin Templeton Bank & Trust handling administration and custody.
   Under the new deal, the Estate Planning Team will offer Advisor Directed Trust services through a nationwide network of 2,200 service representatives.
   The nationwide coverage of the Estate Planning Team's network will mean that clients can be serviced in all 50 states, according to Franklin Templeton.
   "Personal trusts are rapidly gaining in popularity as effective wealth-management solutions," says Wendy Harrington, CEO of Franklin Templeton Bank & Trust. "As baby boomers build their long-term financial plans ... it's increasingly imperative that advisors have the ability to offer comprehensive services to their clients who have or will be moving their assets into trusts."