Portfolio Systems Inc. is offering discounted training and technical support to those impacted by Intuit's exit from portfolio management.

   "We have seen this happen before with TechFi," company spokesman Fred Standridge said. "We were able to begin serving many of their subscribers very quickly, and we made the transition as smooth as possible. We believe we can offer the same support to Intuit's former PortfolioMinder subscribers as well."

   Intui announced this week that it plans to scrap its PortfolioMinder service, as of October 16, just seven months after launch. The company attracted about 75 advisors during its brief offering period.

   In the wake of the announcement, Portfolio Systems says it is committed to the portfolio management industry and supporting its recently released version 8 of Portfolio Director.

   In addition to its standing policy of charging no up-front or service initiation fees, Portfolio Systems will provide former Intuit subscribers with an hour of training and support at no charge, and a rate of just $50 per support hour thereafter, the company said. Because Portfolio Director's monthly service fee of $150 for a single-user license matches the rate published by Intuit for their product, advisors should not see any increase in their monthly overhead.