The Financial Planning Association has published a book that it says provides consumers with the "straight talk" about financial planning.
   The book, entitled, "The Encyclopedia of Financial Planning: What You Need to Know About Money from the Nation's Leading Financial Planners," is based on a decade's worth of articles by the nation's leading planners, according to the FPA.
   "This book is unbiased and designed to help the public make smart financial decisions to reach their goals and dreams, whatever their financial situation and whatever their life stage is," said Marvin W. Tuttle Jr., the FPA's CEO and executive director.
   The 415-page book is divided into 12 sections, with topics ranging from "What Is Financial Planning?" to "Life's Little Surprises." The articles that comprise the book were reviewed and edited by FPA staff and business writer Lisa Holt.
   Each section is introduced by one of the nation's leading planners, according to the FPA.
   "The encyclopedia answers questions about everything from debt to death taxes, saving to spending, investing to insurance," Tuttle said. "And it does it without fear or favor, bias or agenda. No magic systems, just solid information."
   The book is available for $29.95 at bookstores or through the FPA's Web site at Discounts are available for FPA members or bulk purchases.