CRM Software, the developers of Junxure-i, one of the industry's leading client relationship management systems and ClientView, an application that helps advisors create and post client reports to private Web pages, recently unveiled their development plans for 2007.

   The firm's top priority is a total rewrite of ClientView using Microsoft.NET technology. This upgrade, scheduled for completion in January 2007, is expected to provide an improved interface, better performance, and increased security. Within the same timeframe, CRM Software expects to launch Junxure ClientView Hosting, a turnkey secure hosting solution for storing client's web files. This service will provide file encryption between the advisor's office and a secure server, as well as robust security features to provide privacy while clients views their documents. Pricing starts at $500 per year for transfers of up to 50 GB of data per month.

   By the summer of 2007 a .NET re-write of Junxure-i is scheduled for completion. Along with an improved and more customizable interface, the new version is expected to provide seamless email integration with MS Outlook, improved speed, increased scalability, and improved reporting.

   In addition, CRM Software has indicated their intention to increase their technical support staff and to expand their training materials to meet increased demand. For more information of Junxure-i, Junxure ClientView, and the new ClientView hosting service visit