The American College will focus on the importance of disability income protection for its annual National Financial Awareness Day events this year.
   The college, in Bryn Mawr, Pa., will celebrate the day on Tuesday, March 6, with activities that include informational seminars and free individual counseling that will be offered by advisors participating in the event.
   The focus on disability income protection puts the spotlight on what many advisors consider to be an under appreciated topic.
   "Disability income insurance is essential income protection," says Larry Barton, PhD., president and CEO of The American College. "Disabilities can be serious financial setbacks. The average person doesn't fully appreciate how a debilitating injury can impact one's ability to meet everyday expenses."
   More information about National Financial Awareness Day and its free public offerings is available at Consumers may also visit the site to contact advisors offering free advice sessions as part of the event.
   American College alumni interested in participating in the event should contact The American College Alumni Association at 610-526-1477 or e-mail Wendy Sutowski, the college's manager of special events, at [email protected].