CRM Software, creators of the popular Junxure CRM software for advisors, has announced the release of Junxure ClientView 2.0.
   Unlike ClientView 1.0, which was a desktop application, ClientView 2.0 is Web based. It works in conjunction with the Junxure CRM application to allow advisors to create secure private Web pages for their clients and other trusted contacts.
   With ClientView 2.0, advisors can automate the process of loading client performance reports to a secure Web site for retrieval by the client. Advisors can also automatically upload other Junxure reports, such as net worth statements and insurance summaries to each client's private Web page. In addition, any other digital file, including photos, financial plans, and estate planning documents can be loaded onto the private client pages.
   "This program makes it easy to produce client private Web pages," said Ken Golding, CRM president. "It generates the files and builds the login page with secure logins and passwords. We now host client Web pages with a very high level of security, eliminating the cost and hassle of having an in-house Web server. This should allow advisory firms to offer a higher level of client service at a reduced cost."