Investors Capital Corp. has found a "casual" way to generate money for some serious causes.
   The broker-dealer says it has found success offering employees the opportunity to wear bluejeans in the office on Fridays-which are casual dress day at the company-for a cost of $5 per employee.
   The donations are then collected and given to designated charities.
   Among the charities that have benefited from the program are Easter Seals, Autism Speaks, Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, St. Jude Children's Research and Franciscan Hospital for Children.
   Some of the charitable causes have hit close to home for Investors Capital employees, according to the company. In June, the employees sent their donations to the Michael Klingsmith Memorial Fund, named after an Investors Capital employee who died in a car accident. The money went to his widow.
   In August, the collections went to the Benjamin Park Fund, which is seeking to build a park in the name of a home-office employee's family who recently lost a baby.
   "Many companies give their employees casual Fridays as a perk for the employees, but we wanted to take it one step further," company event manager Susan Richard said. "Jeans Fridays are a great way for Investors Capital employees to sport their favorite jeans and, at the same time, donate monthly to a very special cause."