Advisors, like consumers, are getting more worried about the economic picture.
   The Rydex AdvisorConfidence Index (ACI) fell 9% in March, which is the largest one-month slide in the index's three-year history, according to Rydex.
The index, which measures advisors' views on the economy and the stock market, fell from 123.88 to 112.50 in March, with advisors expressing the most worry about the short-term economic outlook.
   The growing pessimism of advisors comes at a time when consumers are also expressing worry about the economic picture. The New York-based Conference Board said its Consumer Confidence Index fell to 107.2 in March, down from the revised 111.2 in February. The March index was the lowest since November 2006, when the reading was 105.3.
   Advisors who contributed to the ACI gave Rydex a number of reasons for their dim economic outlook, including rising gas prices and the danger of the economy entering a recession this year.
   "Our investment policy team is concerned with the market outlook, despite an overwhelmingly positive outlook by the media and other advisory firms," said Rob Siegmann of the Financial Management Group. "We hope we're wrong, but our philosophy guides us to protect portfolios by outweighing bonds by 10% to 15% for the year."