Schwab Performance Technologies, a leading provider of portfolio management and reporting software for independent RIA's, recently announced two new offerings.

   PortfolioCenter Emerging Practice is designed for smaller firms with 50 or fewer client accounts. Rather than paying an initial purchase price which can exceed $10,000, with annual maintenance fees that can exceed $2,000, small advisors can opt for PortfolioCenter Emerging Practice, which costs a flat $3,000 per year, with no initial purchase cost. As firms grow, they can transition to the standard PortfolioCenter pricing model. Relationship pricing is available for advisors who custody assets with Schwab Institutional.

   PortfolioCenter Select Service is available to firms of all sizes, but it is most likely to appeal to larger firms. With this service, advisors are assigned a primary service contact and a dedicated service team within Schwab Performance Technologies. This should provide a more customized user experience and a higher level of service. For example, Select Service can help firms address firm specific maintenance issues, integration issues and reporting issues. In addition, Select Service subscribers will receive exclusive additional perks such as a personal tour of new features as they are added and recommendations on how firms can maximize the benefits of each new release.

   Select Service is priced at $2,000 annually, regardless of the number of seats or assets under management. For further information about PortfolioCenter Emerging Practice or Select Service, contact Schwab Performance Technologies at