Emerging Information Systems, Inc. (EISI), a leading developer of professional financial planning software, today announced an improved version of its NaviPlan Standard software.
   NaviPlan Standard is a financial assessment tool that creates and runs pre-defined retirement distribution strategies that can be displayed on a side-by-side basis. In the newest version, 11.0, data entry requirements have been significantly reduced through the increased use of drop down menus and collapsible sections, as well as the elimination of some fields. The interface redesign includes new menus and navigation bars. Other speed and usability enhancements include a client file creation wizard and the ability to access reports from almost anywhere within the application.
   A new technology platform reduces the bandwidth required to run the application and it makes it dramatically faster. According to EISI, screen-to-screen transitions are up to ten times faster than they were in the previous version. In addition, NaviPlan Standard 11.0 instantly displays calculation results and on-screen graphics, which are automatically updated when advisors make changes.
   "One of EISI's goals was to make the application more intuitive for advisors", said EISI spokesperson Cindy Bennett. "We commissioned a third-party study of advisor computer usage patterns, and then we applied what we learned in our new design".
   For more information about NaviPlan Standard version 11.0 or any of EISI's other financial planning applications, please visit www.eisi.com.