The Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards Inc. recently hired Julie T. Heil as its new examinations director, the third recent hiring involving the organization's education team. Her job begins with the new year.

   Heil will oversee the development of the CFP certification examination, the rigorous and comprehensive exam needed to obtain CFP certification. The exam's average pass rate is 57%.

   Prior to joining the CFP Board, Heil came from the American Institutes for Research, where she worked with the Ohio Department of Education to develop content for grade K-8 tests in reading, writing, science, social studies and mathematics. Before that, Heil worked at Chauncey Group International, where she was senior test developer for the certification examinations for the CFP Board and other organizations. She holds a bachelor's of arts degree from St. Joseph's University, as well as advanced degrees from West Chester University and Widener University.

   In November, the CFP Board hired Francis X. Bergmeister as its education director responsible for the education components of the certified financial planner certification, including the development and support of the financial planning education programs in the U.S. that have registered with the CFP Board to prepare financial planners for CFP certification.

   Also in November, Carol Lee Roberts assumed duties as the CFP Board's managing director of examinations and education.

   The CFP Board currently authorizes more than 56,000 individuals to be CFP certified in the U.S.