Money Tree Software Ltd., developer of TOTAL Planning Suite and Silver Financial Planner software, recently announced new and more powerful versions of both programs. TOTAL Planning Suite is an advanced integrated financial planning package featuring two report modules, Easy Money and Golden Years, interconnected with a single data input and database system.

Easy Money is a goal-based financial planning calculation and report set. Golden Years is a cash-flow based retirement analysis and tax impact report set. Silver Financial Planner, available in both desktop and online versions, is an application capable of generating clear, concise financial plans in a matter of minutes.

TOTAL 3.0 sports an updated format and layout that lets users customize their interface. TOTAL's completely new "Simplified Report" delivers a concise presentation of the detail found in Golden Years. Planning flexibility has been added with new features including planning for future loans and simplified handling of asset accounts.

As a charter member of "Your Silver Bullet", Money Tree embraces connectivity. New data connections let TOTAL 3.0 efficiently use existing client information, asset details and other data from: Albridge, Schwab, Act!, Act4Advisors, Advisors Exchange, Advisors Assistant, dbCAMS+, Junxure, LaserApp, Outlook, ProTracker, Redtail, and Scherrer's eRM Web Ally. Additionally, Money Tree's "Info-Match" system lets users make their own connections to data fields in almost any program using text files or XML files.

Like TOTAL 3.0, the new version of Silver features a new improved interface as well as performance improvements. In addition to offering commonly available "What-if" scenario capabilities, Silver now features "When-if" capabilities.

Traditional "What-if" Monte Carlo retirement analysis starts with a fixed retirement date and analyzes the probability of clients depleting their assets over time. Money Tree Software President Mark Snodgrass says "When-if" analysis goes a step further than Monte Carlo by delivering a probability analysis of when an individual is likely to be able to retire.

TOTAL Planning Suite retails for $1,495 plus $700 annual maintenance. The Desktop version of Silver retails for $495 plus $150 annual maintenance. The online version of Silver retails for $495 plus $495 annual maintenance.

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-Joel Bruckenstein