Even high-net-worth investors are getting nervous about the near-term future, and they plan to change some of their investment, savings and spending strategies, says a new survey by Spectrem Group that gages the attitudes and fear levels of wealthy households.

   Spectrem describes the economy as having several "flashing yellow" signals and cites unrelenting high gas prices and falling real estate prices as two things making people nervous. Some 23% of affluent people with at least $500,000 in investable assets will be switching to more fixed-income products and 24% said they will not be able to put as much in savings as they have in the past.

   Another 42% say they will change their budgeting and spending habits, a number that Spectrem considers shocking. In addition, 31% feel their companies will be negatively impacted by the looming recession and 6% even fear losing their jobs.

   Investments in stocks, bonds and real estate all fell during March, while the number of folks deciding to withhold investments completely rose by more than 7%, to 42.4%. When questioned about the most serious threat to achieving their financial goals, respondents chose the ailing economy as the top threat, followed by the political climate.

   "Being sensitive to your client's fears and suggesting measures that will help them weather the storm of recession may assuage some of their anxiety," Spectrem advises.