Likewise, there can be financial drains that do not show up. Physical infirmities, family responsibilities, personal longevity and natural disasters are all part of an individual's reality. Write them down and understand the ones that do not have immediate answers. Life is not linear.

"Resources" also include productive assets. For example, for most of us, our primary resource is our ability to generate income. Yet, business interests or career potential may be worth much more than could conceivably be reflected on a balance sheet. Realistically anticipatable inheritances also count. Finally, family, community and other relationships can provide trustworthy security within the various possibilities for personal disaster. They also do more for quality of life than miscellaneous pieces of paper formally covered with ink.

Goals are the essence of financial planning. Treasure is the resource with which we work. Stewardship is the synthesis of our treasure with our heart's core. Stewardship reflects the integration of our values with our treasure.

At some point in our lives, most of us dream of finding treasure. We look at the mountains and know there is gold in them 'thar hills. Or we gaze into the ocean and think of ancient galleons, gold doubloons and precious stones. Or it may be something much simpler. As young children, it might be our romantic meanderings of our lives to be. As adults, we strive poignantly for lives that are continuing sources of joy. At its finest, the financial-advisory process integrates treasure with the heart's core. When we do it right, we know.

"For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."

With our help, treasure and heart can be right where they should be.

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