New Web Site Provides Perspective On Managed Accounts

CheckFree Investment Services of Jersey City has established a Web site dedicated to providing information and historical perspective on individually managed accounts.

Called the Kings of Wrap, at, the site offers news, research, commentaries, publications and association and conference listings, as well as other information pertinent to wrap technology and separately managed accounts.

The site is fundamentally about education and sharing best practices in relation to front-, middle- and back-office requirements in the wrap arena, CheckFree says.

The site, while hosted by CheckFree, provides unbiased information, reflecting a collaborative effort on the part of many industry participants.

One of CheckFree‚s products is its APL Wrap, which offers remote processing services to professional money managers and financial advisors for the automation of investment management, trading, portfolio performance and investor reporting.

The firm says 38 of the top 50 Wall Street firms and 36 of the top 40 managers connect with each other and operate their respective wrap programs on CheckFree APL WRAP.

CheckFree also owns M-Search, formerly Mobius, a leading database of investment-manager performance.

Software Tools For Advisors

Wiesenberger, Thomson Financial of Rockville, Md., has jumped into the game of offering software that helps financial advisors manage their businesses from start to finish.

The firm recently introduced AdvisorViewpoint v1.0, a Web-based asset-allocation, risk-assessment and portfolio-management platform that it says is the first of an integrated suite of tools that will be known as Thomson Advisor.

AdvisorViewpoint helps advisors build and manage client relationships, improve overall profitability and increase assets under management. AdvisorViewpoint can be private-labeled and customized to fit a firm‚s needs.

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