Murray: I had no choice. Now I do. The human impulse is that unless your doctor sent you to a specialist, you would never go to more than one doctor. Yes?

Simonoff: Correct.

Murray: Health and money are the same thing. They're matters of life and death that we know we don't know anything about. The human impulse is to find one person it can trust, or at least one office it can trust. Up until now, it couldn't do that. It was forbidden to do that. The human impulse was dammed up behind the law. The dam broke.

As America finds out household by household, and family by family, that it may be allowed to walk through one door and sit down at one desk and take the whole nightmare of its financial life off its shoulders and put it on that desk and look into the eyes of somebody that it trusts implicitly and say: "Will you take care of all of this for me?" And have the person sitting on the other side of the desk say with credibility, "Yes, the game's over."

If the person sitting behind that desk says, "I can do this part of it but not that part of it," the family won't let him do any of it. The family will just get up, put that hissing, writhing bag of snakes that is its financial life back on its shoulder and go knock on another door. So the question is not why the family financial office is the wave of the future. The question is how could it not be? Again, we're talking about the most fundamental human impulse, which is to find someone it can trust. The family financial office is the wave of the future because all other paradigms are irrational in that they deny the most fundamental human impulse.

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