Integrating passion, respect and confidence into client interactions.

Since July 2002, we have taken you through a series of "introspection exercises" to help you discover your value. By now, you have learned the seven steps on the Value Ladder and how to act on them, not only for competitive differentiation but also for help in developing better client relationships and creating bigger business. Let's take you to a level higher now and illustrate how you can actually deliver that value.

The five concepts vital to "delivering your value" include three of the elements you previously learned through our discussions about the Value Ladder-confidence, passion and speed (lack of hesitation). Now we'll add the elements of respect and value, and you'll have the ingredients necessary to successfully interact with (and relate to) your prospects and clients.

First, you already understand the importance of "knowing your value before you can sell-or deliver-it." You need to be highly consultative in asking important questions to determine what is important to your client. They may have numerous wealth management issues, and through your expert questioning you can hone in on those areas that concern them the most.

They may be thinking, "Do you really understand my situation? Do you know the kinds of issues keeping me awake at night?" Be prepared, and remember they also are asking questions (or thinking) about your value and how it aligns with what they value. Ask yourself this: "Am I asking the right questions? Do I truly understand what they value? Have I, in fact, properly aligned my value to what I have learned from them?" Your clients need to know if you truly understand what they value.

We began our series with the introspective process of discovering your value. Now with a better understanding of your own unique value, let us help you get "black-belt" at knowing how to properly sell-or deliver-your value. Clients want to do business with an advisor who shows genuine respect and concern for them, not only as clients but also as individuals. Plus, they want to do business with an advisor who can add value to the relationship on a long-term basis. So, through this next series of articles, you will learn how to demonstrate this value to them in order to earn their trust and confidence.

We will teach you exactly how to enhance your abilities and skills to become this type of advisor or wealth manager for your clients. By following the process of demonstrating the five key elements of confidence, passion, speed, respect and value to clients, you will have the insight and the tools to effectively deliver your value.

At the end of our series of articles on this topic, you will be able to:

Integrate the five concepts of confidence, passion, speed, respect and value to better interact with clients.

Use strategic skills before and af

ter prospect/client meetings (pre-call and post-call value strategies).

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