Financial Advisor magazine, like all of our competitors, gives away free subscriptions to our magazine. We do this to get as many subscribers as possible in order to increase our ad revenue from advertisers. If you are an advisor and you are paying for any of the trade publications, you should call up and ask for a refund.

Almost all consumer publications charge for subscriptions, but some Web sites offer discounted pricing. One of my favorite sites is Discount Magazines. This site offers many magazines at an annual rate of $5.95. Some of the more popular names available at this price are Parents Magazine, Inc., Car and Driver, Fast Company, Fitness, Men's Journal, and The Wine Enthusiast.

Another site for discounted pricing is BestDealMagazines. Their rates start at $4.69, but their magazine selection is somewhat smaller.

Both sites have a large selection of other publications that are priced somewhat higher.  However, the price is still usually cheaper than if you ordered directly from the publication you are interested in.

Some of the lower cost magazines are publications concentrating on local cities, such as Atlanta, Chicago, Cincinnati, Detroit, Indianapolis, Kansas, Los Angeles and Texas. All these regional publications might make a great thank-you gift to some of your clients who live on those areas.


Charlie Stroller, president, CEO and CFO of Financial Advisor magazine's parent company CFPN, has 25 years' experience running companies and has specialized in expense reduction and cost containment. Those who know him can attest that he is an expert on finding the best deals when it comes to both business and personal expenditures.