Morgan Stanley Smith Barney plans to move all of its reps to the MoneyGuidePro financial planning application, according to industry sources. Meanwhile, MoneyGuidePro is unveiling a groundbreaking new version Monday.

Morgan Stanley Smith Barney has chosen to private label the application as Lifeview, but people who have viewed it say they cannot discern any difference between Lifeview and the standard MoneyGuidePro offering. Before the Morgan Stanley Smith Barney merger, Morgan Stanley had approximately 8,000 reps using MoneyGuidePro while Smith Barney had approximately 10,000 reps using EISI software. Currently, a limited number of Smith Barney reps are using MoneyGuidePro under a pilot program; additional reps are added to the program upon request. All others will be phased in over time. When the changeover is completed, it is estimated that 18,000 Morgan Stanley Smith Barney reps with have access to MoneyGuidePro.