Elite Wealth Management

  Russ Prince
Directed By
Russ Alan Prince

There are more than 751,000 families worth a minimum of $20 million commanding more than $97 trillion. For many professionals - investment advisors, attorneys, life insurance agents, accountants, bankers - these are exceptional and highly desired clients. One of the most powerful and profitable business models available to professionals is elite wealth management.

Elite wealth management is taking what is often talked about as wealth management and taking the concepts and processes to a significantly higher level. Moreover, it's about strongly operationalizing the approach resulting in significant revenues and profits.

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Keynote Speakers

Richard Bernstein James Grant
Richard Bernstein
Chief Executive Officer
Richard Bernstein Advisors LLC.
James Grant
Founder and Editor
Grant's Interest Rate Observer.
Meredith Whitney Ed Yardeni
Meredith Whitney
Chief Executive Officer
Meredith Whitney Advisory Group, LLC
Dr. Ed Yardeni
Yardeni Research, Inc.

Emulating the conference structure employed by global investment banking firms, this conference will attract over 150 leading fiduciaries, for 2 days of presentations focused on the investment capabilities and insights of up to 24 investment management firms and their selected sub-advisors. The goal of the Summit is to streamline the traditional due diligence path by enhancing access, insight and interaction in a collegial educational setting and empower decision makers.

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