We say “guaranteed registrations” because at White Glove, we’re paid on performance. If no one signs up for your seminar, you pay $0. This is not the norm, as we’ve discovered most other seminar marketing companies charge a high dollar amount up front with no guarantee of registrants or attendees. With us, you pay nothing upfront.

Since our hosts only pay per household attended, they’ll never pay for empty seats. If bad weather results in a canceled seminar, or if an unforeseen event like bad traffic dramatically reduces attendance, the host will not pay for empty seats. We guarantee you’ll only pay for attendees at your seminar.

As part of our success guarantee, if an advisor host meets White Gloves’ established success criteria (following a list of best practices provided by us) but doesn’t secure a new client 120 days after his/her workshop (and he/she ordered at least 50 households), we will give that advisor host a seminar for free. With our triple guarantee, there is zero financial risk to the host. Our value as their seminar marketing partner really hits home. White Glove has the advisor covered, and I can confidently say no other seminar marketing company that caters to financial advisors can offer that same benefit.

Hortz: Are there any other value adds that you offer advisors as part of your basic services, aside from the triple guarantee?

Thurman: We offer our advisor seminar hosts complimentary access to Frank Maselli, the seminar industry’s most renowned expert. Frank will do everything from providing his training materials free of charge, to reviewing and critiquing presentations—all free for White Glove advisor hosts.

We also offer Host University—a value-add event we have annually in Naples, Fla. It’s a two-day training event for our advisor hosts featuring presentations from some of the financial industry's top masterminds and experts. Our presenters teach attendees how they can master our triple guaranteed seminars, grow their business, maximize appointments and ROI and much more.

Hortz: I see that you just made a major new announcement about your firm and expanded services you will be providing. Can you give us a quick overview?

Thurman: We’re very excited that as of early February, we officially transitioned from White Glove Workshops to White Glove. Educational seminars are still a core part of our business, but we’ve partnered with industry titans in the areas of practice management, training, education, nurturing, social media management and content/websites to offer a comprehensive program to advisors who want to take their business to the next level. We’ve removed the need for an advisor to do a ton of work researching the best companies to work with if they want the above-mentioned services. We’ve already found and partnered with the best of the best—including Bill Good, Ed Slott and Company, Advisorist, Marc Kiner and his National Social Security Association, Frank Maselli, Broadridge Advisor Solutions and Reminder Media. Clients who work with White Glove and two or more of our partners will receive significant discounts on services.

We also launched two new strategic marketing support programs—our custom marketing and post-event nurturing (PEN) programs, both of which we are offering free of charge through June 30, 2019. Custom marketing expands our service footprint by building our hosts’ desired demographic (like local corporations and specific groups, such as federal workers, teachers, etc.) into their seminar marketing campaign. With Our PEN program, we utilize our robust CRM follow-up and digital marketing knowledge to work for advisors after their seminar events, staying in front of seminar no-shows and guests who attended but didn't book an appointment....without the advisor lifting a finger!

Hortz: Is there any further research or experimentation that you will be applying to your digital marketing strategies? Can you share with us what you are learning and where else can we digitally go from here?

Thurman: We’ve spent the last two years making significant investments into a multitude of testing platforms to optimize the delivery of our digital ads. The data from all our research has given us the necessary intel to provide highly targeted information to people who are the best fit to attend our seminars. We’re able to precisely dial in on the optimal attendee for our advisors to effectively build those ever-important relationships, which ultimately lead to business growth.

Reviewing data and adjusting as needed is a huge component of why we’ve been successful with digital marketing. We aren’t afraid to try new things, but data is the ultimate deciding factor on whether it makes sense to scale a new strategy. We’ve built a powerhouse marketing team with experts on all ends of the marketing spectrum, which enables us to test and apply our learnings to our digital marketing program.