Hortz: What best advice can you give other advisors about how to incorporate digital marketing and community engagement into their practices?

Thurman: We highly suggest that advisors challenge their thinking about traditional marketing approaches, like we did, and actively start incorporating technology in their marketing and community engagement efforts. As more and more active financial inquiries are happening online all around us, we feel there is no better real-time way of capturing and addressing that interest in the community, especially in the way they want to be addressed—educationally. First, aim to build trust and authority by providing immense value. If you gain the community’s trust, you’ll earn the right to provide them with your expert services. The only way to maximally execute that strategy, we have found, is by offering a digital approach to high-quality educational seminars. We welcome advisors to visit us online at www.whiteglove.com or call 844-949-9497 to learn more.

The Institute for Innovation Development is an educational and business development catalyst for growth-oriented financial advisors and financial services firms determined to lead their businesses in an operating environment of accelerating business and cultural change. We position our members with the necessary ongoing innovation resources and best practices to drive and facilitate their next-generation growth, differentiation and unique community engagement strategies. The institute was launched with the support and foresight of our founding sponsorsPershing, Voya Financial, Ultimus Fund Solutions, Fidelity, and Charter Financial Publishing (publisher of Financial Advisor and ETF Advisor magazines). For more information, click here.

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