Over the past month, there has been preference among investors toward larger-cap assets in the U.S., while there has also been a migration towards the value style box. One fund that has benefited from this shift is the Parnassus Equity Income Fund (PRILX), which takes the lead in score at 5.38. The Ariel Fund (ARGFX) continues to trade above a 5. The market is in a turbulent short-term phase right now, but the downside pressure will lead to better entry points for investors looking to add to their allocation. 

Concerning sectors, the PowerShares WilderHill Clean Energy (PBW) has slipped significantly, down over a point in score this month. The score for PBW is now below 3, adding further uncertainty in this particular area in the market.  On the International front, the DFA Emerging Markets Social Core (DFESX) became the new leader, but at the same time is suffering through the market turbulence, seeing that it has slipped back below the 3 score line. Concerning fixed income, the Calvert Long-Term Income (CLDAX) still holds a good score above 3, but the Calvert Tax-Free Bond Fund (CTTLX) has moved into the lead with a score of 3.52.

Dorsey Wright's Ranking of Socially Responsible Funds and ETFs
Includes Funds and ETFs with assets over $100 million

High Strength, Low Risk
Fund Score > 3, Below average volatility
    Name DWA Fund Score DWA rRisk Score  
  Equity Funds And ETFs      
    Parnassus Equity Income Fund Class Institutio (PRILX) 5.38 0.88  
    Ave Maria Rising Dividend Fund (AVEDX) 4.24 0.92  
    Legg Mason Investment Counsel Social Awarenes (SSIAX) 3.52 0.77  
    Calvert Large Cap Core Portfolio Class A (CMIFX) 3.45 0.94  
    Pax World Balanced Individual Investor Class (PAXWX) 3.34 0.84  
    Calvert Balanced Portfolio Class A (CSIFX) 3.26 0.62  
  Bond Funds      
    Calvert Tax-Free Bond Fund Class A (CTTLX) 3.52 0.47  
    Calvert Long-Term Income Fund Class A (CLDAX) 3.29 0.63  
    Calvert Bond Portfolio Class A (CSIBX) 3.11 0.34  


High Strength, High Risk
Fund Score > 3, Above average volatility
    Name DWA Fund Score DWA rRisk Score  
  Equity Funds and ETFs      
    Ariel Fund Investor Class (ARGFX) 5.03 1.52  
    Parnassus Workplace Fund (PARWX) 4.65 1.11  
    Pax World Growth Fund Individual Investor Cla (PXWGX) 4.54 1.21  
    Neuberger Berman Socially Responsive Fund Inv (NBSRX) 4.33 1.08  
    Parnassus Mid Cap Fund (PARMX) 3.86 1.03  
    Domini Social Equity Fund Investor Class (DSEFX) 3.86 1.09  
    Vanguard FTSE Social Index Fund Institutional (VFTNX) 3.92 1.08  
    Calvert Social Index Fund Class I (CISIX) 3.81 1.04  
    VALIC Company II Socially Responsible Fund (VCSRX) 3.76 1.03  
    Calvert Equity Portfolio Class A (CSIEX) 3.74 1.08  
    TIAA-CREF Social Choice Equity Fund Instituti (TISCX) 3.56 1.07  
    iShares FTSE KLD 400 Social Idx Fd (ETF): NYS - DSI 3.52 1.01  
    iShares MSCI USA ESG Select Scl Indx Fnd: NYS - KLD) 3.43 1.04  
    VALIC Company I Global Social Awareness Fund (VCSOX) 3.38 1.11  
    DFA U.S. Social Core Equity 2 (DFUEX) 3.37 1.21  
    Walden Equity Fund (WSEFX) 3.30 1.02  
    Parnassus Fund (PARNX) 3.28 1.44  
    Calvert Capital Accumulation Fund Class A (CCAFX) 3.08 1.40  


Low Strength, Low Risk
Fund Score < 3, Below average volatility
    Name DWA Fund Score DWA rRisk Score  
  Equity Funds and ETFs      
    Calvert Moderate Allocation Fund Class A (CMAAX) 2.99 0.72  
    Appleseed Fund (APPLX)
1.97 0.99  
  Bond Funds      
    Calvert Ultra-Short Income Fund Class A (CULAX) 2.91 0.37  
    Ave Maria Bond Fund (AVEFX) 2.74 0.21  
    Domini Social Bond Fund Investor Class (DSBFX) 2.49 0.19  
    Parnassus Fixed Income Fund (PRFIX) 2.39 0.27  
    Calvert Ultra-Short Income Fund Class A (CULAX) 2.33 0.05  
    Calvert Short Duration Income Fund Class A (CSDAX) 2.01 0.18  
    Pax World High Yield Bond Fund Individual Inv (PAXHX) 1.80 0.37  


Low Strength, High Risk
Fund Score < 3, Above average volatility
    Name DWA Fund Score DWA rRisk Score  
  DFA Emerging Markets Social Core Portfolio (DFESX) 2.97 1.61  
  Calvert Global Water Fund Class A (CFWAX) 2.86 1.27  
  Ave Maria Growth Fund (AVEGX)
2.74 1.18  
  PowerShares WilderHill Clean Energy(ETF): NYS - PBW 2.70 2.60  
  Calvert Small Cap Fund Class A (CCVAX) 2.56 1.32  
  Domini International Social Equity Fund Class (DOMAX) 2.50 1.33  
  Ave Maria Catholic Values Fund (AVEMX) 2.30 1.19  
  Parnassus Small Cap Fund (PARSX) 2.14 1.50  
  DFA International Social Core Equity Portfoli (DSCLX) 2.01 1.04  
  DFA CSTG&E International Social Core Equity P (DFCCX) 1.91 1.32  
  Calvert International Equity Fund Class A (CWVGX) 1.77 1.23  



DWA Fund Score: The DWA Fund score ranks the technical strength on a scale of 0 through 6 using an equation based on price trending and relative strength.  Funds with scores above 3 are considered by Dorsey Wright to be “investment grade”.   Funds with scores close to 6 are “market dominant."

  DWA rRisk Score: The DWA rRisk score measures the risk of the group on a relative basis. The calculation uses the 3 year Standard Deviation average of the group or fund divided by the Standard Deviation of the Cap Weighted S&P 500 Equity Index. Ratios higher than 1 demonstrate higher risk than the market benchmark and ratios less than 1 demonstrate lower risk than the market benchmark.

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