Dow Jones is offering advisors an information and data service that they can access on the fly.

Dow Jones Adviser is a recently launched service that plugs advisors into the Dow Jones news stream through their desktop PCs, laptops, mobile phones or any other browser-based platform.

In addition to news and data, the service includes analysis and practice management tools. The full package costs $58 per month, per individual account.

The service is designed to provide advisors with a way to access vital news and information, wherever they may be, according to Dow Jones.

"Advisors are no longer stuck to a market data terminal," says William O'Connor, managing director of Dow Jones' wealth management section. "Dow Jones Adviser is built for the way an adviser works, with the right market, investing and practice management intelligence delivered wherever they are."

Toward that goal, Dow Jones Adviser can be accessed via any Web service, and includes a destination that is specifically designed for access from a mobile telephone. The service can also be integrated into proprietary desktop applications or workstations such as Interactive Data and FactSet.

The service gives advisors to daily news from The Wall Street Journal, Dow Jones Newswires, Barron's and other Dow Jones news properties, according to O'Connor. That represents a total of about 18,000 stories per day. Dow Jones market data and analysis, and client and practice management tools are also included in the service.

Among the features are alert settings that let advisors know when, for example, a story appears relating to a company, sector or topic of interest to the advisors. The service also provides tools that allow the advisor to pass on stories of interest to clients.

A tool that will allow advisors to send custom newsletters to clients is in the works and scheduled for release sometime in the second quarter, according to O'Connor.