A New Look

If you are thinking something about the issue is different, you are right. After eight years, we've done our first major redesign that not only includes a cleaner, fresher look for our layout but also a reorganization of our content.

The genesis of Financial Advisor's redesign can be traced to the way the magazine has grown and evolved since its launch back in 2000. Thanks to thousands of our readers, we've had the good fortune to chronicle and participate in the growth of the independent advisor business.

Time doesn't stand still. Though all of us here at CFPN are intensely proud of the magazine-and the fact that we went from being a start-up to a must-read within our first two years of publication-it doesn't mean a new look isn't in order.

Add to that the hiring of a talented art director, Laura Zavetz, in the middle of 2007, and the timing seemed to be right. As part of the redesign, we decided to repackage the content of Financial Advisor into six basic sections: news, columnists, business management, features, wealth management and closing columnists.

Starting with the first section, you will see the familiar Frontline News area, which received a cosmetic makeover.

You are not likely to feel lost moving into the heart of this periodical. What follows in the second section is, simply stated, the best roster of columnists in this business. With his literary flair and historical perspective, Nick Murray deservedly has a following like no one else, and you'll find his insights this month particularly keen.

After Nick, you'll find the rest of our columnists, including Andy Gluck, Mary Rowland, David Lawrence and several who share their thoughts on alternating months, including Tracey Longo, Rebecca Pomering, Roy Diliberto, Mitch Anthony, Hannah Shaw Grove and Russ Prince.

Since our inception, we've strongly believed that our readers need to run their firms like businesses. After all, most of you would give the same advice to your clients who are professionals. Therein lies the reasoning behind FA's next section, Business Management, in which we've grouped articles that focus on what makes an advisory business tick. Here you can read profiles on successful advisory firms as well as articles on human resources, client relations, technology and succession planning.

From there we move on to our feature section, where you'll find our cover story and other articles on important issues examined in detail and depth.

Next, there's our Wealth Management section, an umbrella under which we've grouped articles that relate to the financial planning services that you provide for clients. Topics include investing and portfolio management, retirement planning, estate planning, tax management, insurance, asset protection and others. Your first and primary obligation as an advisor is to serve your clients' interests and it's something we never forget.

Our last section includes commentary from various writers and finishes up with Parting Shot, a forum in which we feature voices on wide-ranging issues. This month, well-known advisor and Editor-At-Large Richard Wagner reflects on the meaning of money in a thought-provoking piece.

For me, turbulent times like the last nine months drive home a few thoughts. The first is how the American public needs sound, independent financial advice more than ever. The second is how fortunate we all are to be part of-and witness to-the emergence of a nascent profession whose services are proving invaluable for a growing number of individuals.

Let us know what you think of our new look and content and send us any ideas about subjects that you'd like to see the magazine address.

Evan Simonoff, Editor-In-Chief

E-mail me at [email protected] with your opinion on this issue.