F2 Strategy, a wealth management technology services company headquartered in the San Francisco suburb of Tiburon, has appointed Laura Korbel to the position of president.

“We are thrilled to welcome Laura Korbel as president,” F2 Strategy CEO and co-founder Doug Fritz said in a prepared statement. “Her exceptional leadership and strategic acumen will empower us to continue addressing the increasing market appetite for qualified technology strategy and implementation.”

In her new role, Korbel will be responsible for spearheading sustainable growth and expansion in an increasingly competitive market, the company said in a news release. 

Earlier this year, F2 Strategy expanded its Midwest footprint with a new corporate headquarters in the Chicagoland area, a key market with a pool of highly skilled professionals working in the financial services, consulting, and technology sectors.

The company also strengthened its market presence on the East Coast through its partnership with Renovus Capital Partners, a private equity investment firm based in Wayne, Pa., which made a majority investment in the San Francisco FinTech. F2 Strategy leveraged the Renovus investment this past June to acquire Oakbrook Solutions, a wealth management consulting and services firm headquartered in Winston-Salem, N.C. 

Lee Minkoff, a principal at Renovus Capital Partners, said in a news release announcing Korbell’s appointment as president of F2 Strategy that her leadership would be key to the company’s continued success as it continues to grow. 

“With the addition of Oakbrook, F2 Strategy has undoubtedly cemented its position as the preeminent wealth management technology consulting and services firm in the industry,” Minkoff said in the news release. “Laura's extensive experience in practice leadership, product delivery and operations—as well as a steadfast commitment to upholding high standards and financial health—make her the perfect fit to lead the firm as president.” 

Korbel most recently served as senior vice president, head of operations, and project management of IT consulting firm Rightpoint. According to the news release announcing her appointment, the company said it had recruited Korbel for the position of president based on her track record of achieving strong business results in the technology and digital consultancy sectors.

“I'm excited to be a part of F2 Strategy's dynamic team,” Korbel said in the news release. “Their recent growth, even from an outsider's vantage point, has been truly remarkable. I’m looking forward to applying my expertise and immersing myself in day-to-day business to help continue this strong momentum.”

Founded in 2016, F2 Strategy is the creator of Outsources CTO (OCTO), a proprietary all-in-one technology solution that provides customizable C-suite oversight and management for small to mid-sized wealth and asset management firms.