The year 2020 has no doubt been a struggle for many businesses, investment advisors included, but Financial Advisor magazine's latest RIA surveys shows that many advisors entered the year in a position of strength.

FA's annual RIA survey looked at more than 700 RIA firms across the nation and, as part of the polling, gathered data on how RIAs grew their assets from 2018 to 2019.

The survey found that the 10 firms with the highest growth rates at the conclusion of 2019 represented a varied mix of advisors—a group that included firms from across the nation, with varying levels of assets under management.

Many of the firms more than doubled their AUMs in 2019.

The following, in ascending order, are FA's 10 top fastest-growing U.S. RIAs:

10. AE Wealth Management
Topeka, Kan.

2019 clients: 42,476
2019 assets ($MM): 8,583.74
Asset growth 2018-19: 83.06%
Asset growth per client: 22.82%