Boston-based Fidelity announced on Wednesday the launch of a mobile app designed to help younger investors meet their financial goals.

The new mobile app, named Fidelity Spire, offers access to a roboadvisor at subscription pricing, but also includes zero-commission trading, no account fees, no account minimums, no investment minimums and uses Fidelity’s zero-expense ratio index funds.

“At a time when our relationship with money can feel overwhelming, Fidelity Spire is designed to put young adults in control of their money decisions with a mobile experience that is easy to navigate, convenient, and even fun,” said Kelly Lannan, vice president, young investors for Fidelity Investments in released comments. “Many of our younger customers are strong savers, but they tell us it feels intimidating to start investing. While the app is free, for those ready to take the next step – they can feel reassured that investing can come with professional help at an affordable price.”

The application also offers young investors simplified financial planning capabilities, including the ability for them to set financial goals, prioritize them and track their proress. A “Learn” section on the application gives users access to quick-read financial tips and education relevant to their specific goals.

Spire further splits user goals into short-term goals, for which a Fidelity cash management account will be recommended, and long-term goals with the opportunity for investment growth over the time, for which users can decide to invest on their own or enroll in a service that invests for them like Fidelity Go.

Fidelity also announced changes to its existing roboadvisor service Fidelity Go, which is moving to subscription pricing. Investors will pay a flat fee of $3 a month for balances between $10,000 and $50,000. Accounts with less than $10,000 will be free of any advisory fees. For accounts with balances of  $50,000 and more, Fidelity will apply a 0.35% advisory fee.

Fidelity is offering new users on the Spire app a $5 sign-up bonus, and an additional $5 bonus for adding new users.