ONLINE: Use the following link to submit a letter to the online editor. Please include your name, business name, city and state. Please contact Digital Editor Dorothy Hinchcliff with any editorial feedback or questions.
Please contact Digital Advertising Sales Director Karen Burke, with advertising questions.

Letter to the Digital Editor

Digital Advertising Questions

Corporate Office
499 Broad Street, Suite 120
Shrewsbury, NJ 07702
Tel 732.450.8866
Fax 732.450.8877

Digital Editor
Dorothy Hinchcliff
732.450.8866 ext. 17
[email protected]

Senior Editor
Ray Fazzi
732.450.8866 ext. 31
[email protected]

Senior Editor
Jeff Schlegel
732.450.8866 ext. 18
[email protected]

Associate Editor
Jim McConville
732.450.8866 ext. 39
[email protected]

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