RIAs in some of America’s oldest states are some of the industry’s youngest businesses.

In the Northeast, breakaway bankers working at established financial institutions are increasingly deciding to turn their dreams into reality by leaving secure jobs to start independent RIAs.

One such banker was Carl Tiedemann.

According to the company website, Tiedemann founded Tiedemann Advisors in 1999 as a financial solution to a dilemma faced by many wealthy families, such as his own: finding a wealth manager that allows client input into how their wealth is invested, and having the freedom to fire a trustee and take their money elsewhere if they so choose.

In 2016, Tiedemann merged with Presidio Capital Advisors, adding size and strength to its investment management offering and creating a broader national footprint.

A year later, Tiedemann merged with Threshold Group, known for its impact investing expertise and work with large multigenerational families.

Today, Tiedemann Advisors is a boutique-style firm managing billions of dollars in client assets. It is also one of 10 firms in the Northeast that last year had the most client assets under management (AUM), according to Financial Advisor's 2019 RIA survey.

Here, in ascending order, are Financial Advisor's top 10 Northeast  RIAs with the most AUM in 2018:

10.  Ballentine Partners

Headquartered in Waltham, Mass., Ballentine Partners is an independent wealth management firm providing comprehensive investment and family office services to wealthy families. Last year, the firm managed $6.4 billion in client assets.