Franklin Templeton today announced its roll out of three actively managed exchange-traded funds that tap into 21st-century economic themes.

The Franklin Disruptive Commerce ETF (BUYZ) focuses on companies that benefit from—or are contributing to—the continued growth of e-commerce. The Franklin Genomic Advancements ETF (HELX) contains companies in the field of genomic-based research, while the Franklin Intelligent Machines ETF (IQM) invests in companies tapped into machine learning technologies such as robotics, driverless vehicles and algorithmic data analysis.

All three funds charge a net expense ratio of 0.50%.

There are a host of existing ETFs plying various innovative and disruptive economic themes that are changing the way business gets done and how people live their lives. Many of those are passively managed.

In a press release announcing the new ETFs, Franklin Templeton posits that its active approach will help it identify innovative companies within the respective themes of its new funds.