Historically, digital marketing benchmarks for financial advisers have been tricky – much of the available information cites self-reported surveys or information from outside of the industry.

The “2020 State of Digital Marketing: Financial Adviser Online Marketing Report And Benchmarking Study”, a new, comprehensive report from Snappy Kraken, is different.

In the past year, our automated marketing platform helped advisers across the country launch 14,299 multi-step marketing campaigns that included landing pages, ads, social posts, and emails.

When you have that much activity online, you generate a lot of actionable data – 9.3 million data points to be exact – and you get insight into what advisers are doing to motivate prospects and clients to take action.

Here are a few of the takeaways from the report.

Traffic Sources
The largest and most reliable source of traffic online turns out to be email. When we looked at all campaign traffic by source across the 14K+ campaigns, email accounted for 69%, followed by paid and organic social media, which were at 16% and 15%, respectively.

The value of a current and accurate email database cannot be overstated. Collect email addresses from every client and prospect and maintain segmented lists for marketing purposes.

Subject Matter
Advisers need to share more than just financial-related content with clients and prospects. The data revealed top affinities and interests, some of which included book lovers, travel buffs, and cooking enthusiasts, to name a few.

Marketing is all about making meaningful connections with your audience and meeting them on their terms. Make it a point to share content they care about.

Additional Insights
We analyzed a lot of information related to top-performing email subject lines, campaign topics, social media post images, and much more related to demographics and content performance.

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