Hearsay Offers Compliant Client Engagement Tools

Hearsay, the provider of the Hearsay Advisor Cloud, has launched new client engagement tools for the financial services industry. These new, automated tools increase the number of ways clients can communicate with advisors on social media channels, text messaging, advisor websites and e-mail.

The company has released a number of new tools.

The Dynamic Campaigns tool helps advisors create and automatically post targeted content to their websites and social media accounts.

The “1-to-1 Outreach” tool is built for communications with individuals through e-mail. Advisors can automate messages like holiday greetings and meeting confirmations.

With the Blocking and Alerting tool, company compliance departments will be able to assess the efficiency of certain policies and mitigate any risks.

Hearsay also improved its Action List tool, a predictive technology that helps advisors decide the next and best action to take. This tool can now prioritize a prospect’s online application and put it at the top of the action list so advisors can quickly follow up or engage the client with prewritten e-mail.

With “Accounts Overview,” compliance and supervision departments can promptly review social profiles identified as possibly problematic and prioritize which profiles need immediate review.

The Reminders feature allows advisors to schedule and automate texts to their clients. The tools focus on billing policy reminders, which advisors can send from the web portal.

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