After a year of growth that included management changes and four large M&A deals, Hightower on Wednesday unveiled a new brand image and tagline representing the firm’s focus on holistic wellness for its clients and advisor community.

The new branding includes a multicolored logo. The tagline is a play on the words “well” and “wealth”: “Well-th. Rebalanced.”

It will be reflected on the firm’s website, promotional materials and in client communications.

“This new branding reflects our efforts to create a community in which advisors of all stripes can feel supported—in business, operations and more—to grow their practices and devote more time and energy into nurturing client relationships,” said Bob Oros, Hightower’s CEO, in a prepared statement. The goal, he said, is to give advisors “the resources and space to care for their clients in their own distinctive ways.”

Oros, who joined Hightower in January 2019, has since built a management team and overseen M&A transactions, including the deal for Green Square Wealth Management (with $2.6 billion in assets under administration), LourdMurray (with $4.8 billion in AUA), Lexington Wealth Management (with $1 billion in AUA) and Schultz Collins (with $1 billion in AUA).

The company noted that the new brand image was a collaborative effort over a six-month period with more than 40 Hightower employees, advisors and stakeholders. It shows the evolution of Hightower’s original logo, showing continuity and alignment with the firm’s approach.

Abby Salameh, chief marketing officer of Hightower, said the company believes that the definition of “wealth” must expand to include more than just a measure of a person’s financial success. “Our new brand message … is directly aligned with our mission to help clients achieve wellness in all aspects of their lives. There are so many ways to be ‘well-thy:’ in our relationships, in our physical health, in our emotional lives, and yes, in our finances. All of these things are interconnected, and our new look and feel is designed to reflect that complex synergy,” she said.

As of December 31, 2019, the Chicago-based Hightower’s assets under administration were approximately $87.4 billion and its assets under management were $57.4 billion. The company grew 9.6% organically in 2019, up from 8% in 2018. It has advisors in 34 states and operates as a registered investment advisor.