Abused women have a friend in financial advisor Christine Hennigan.

Compassion and empathy are her calling cards in advising divorced or widowed clients whose spouses, intentionally or unintentionally, excluded their distaff half from the couple’s finances.

That happens a lot, more than many advisors care to concede or do anything about until their clients come to her, said Hennigan.

“I developed a very strong niche working with divorcing females or women with pending widowhood,” Hennigan told Financial Advisor. “In most cases, husbands handled their finances.”

Hennigan said that too often, advisors she refers to as “financial predators” took advantage of naïve wives by treating their husbands as the only decision-maker they needed to consult. Once these women became single through divorce or death, they found a new advisor – Hennigan.

“They need to find a trusted advisor,” Hennigan said. “I have seen too many of these women come to me after finding that their financial advisor has not served them well.”

Hennigan has the professional qualifications and certifications to advise her clients on their finances.

A graduate of Drexel University, Hennigan received her BS in finance in 1990. She is currently employed as a Chartered Financial Consultant with 1847Financial in Chester County, Penn. She is also a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst and a principal of Divorce Wealth Strategies, LLC.

In both her professional roles, Hennigan helps individuals and businesses achieve their goals through financial planning.

She proactively works with attorneys and mediators for both sides before a pending divorce so she can help her clients with long-term and short-term financial planning strategy. She continues to represent their financial interests after a divorce so clients can move forward with new plans for a new life.

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