If you have investments overseas and are concerned about the recent spate of uprisings and protests affecting your portfolio, you might want to consider investment terror insurance.
It's offered by the U.S. government and covers an array of risks.
Think of it as you would Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation insurance for your bank deposits, or Securities Investor Protection Corporation insurance for your brokerage account--on steroids.
"Political risk insurance can cover currency inconvertibility, expropriation and political violence, and is available for investments in new ventures, expansions of existing enterprises, privatizations and acquisitions with positive developmental benefits," states the Overseas Private Investment Corporation, the government agency offering the insurance.
You can read more about it here: http://www.opic.gov.
Also, check out some of the co-investment opportunities the agency offers. They can't be bad: last year OPIC said it made $352 million, the 33rd consecutive year that OPIC has been net positive.
That's a good track record the government should be boasting about more.